President's Corner

A Message from Our President

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I thought long and hard about how I would write this first President’s Blog.  New Horizons Ministries, Inc. is so much more than just a ministry assignment for me. For my entire life, New Horizons has been a living and breathing organism that occupied a special place in the hearts of everyone in my family.  Our holidays, vacations and daily schedules were often planned with the needs of New Horizons in mind.  We often talked about how we could make things better, newer, fresher and then dedicated our energies to bringing those ideas to life.


If you asked me what the mission of New Horizons Ministries is, I would tell you – we are a team focused on helping young people meet the challenges of daily living.  Our world is facing a set of challenges never before imagined.  As a result, we must continue to evolve in our ministry presentation.  We now stand at an incredibly exciting juncture for the ministry.  Our theme for 2019 is “FORWARD!” and we are eagerly anticipating what God will be doing when we gather together. What will never change for New Horizons is the foundational commitment to make the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ relevant to every generation.  Whether you are new to the ministry or you have been walking with us for the last 43 years, we pray that you will experience the rapid growth and transformation in your individual lives as you participate in the life-changing events we are planning this year.


I would never have imagined that I would ever become President of this ministry.  A complete Daddy’s Girl – my early involvement was truly because “Daddy said”.  If you knew my father, you wouldn’t say he “forced” you into ministry.  He just didn’t really let you say no.  I am so grateful now that he never let me run away.  With the foundation he laid as our grounding, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as our fuel, we are looking forward to taking New Horizons Ministries and the Gospel of Jesus Christ – FORWARD!