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Our Founder

In Loving Memory

Elder Ray R. Wynter


On April 20, 1937 Ray Raglan Wynter was born in beautiful Kingston, Jamaica to Raglan Wynter and Fredricka Treail. Ray began his extraordinary journey of faith at a young age when a neighbor began taking him to Sunday school at Maranatha Gospel Hall when he was four years old. Moved by the Bible stories and music, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at just eight years old. Ray continued in his Christian development as he became a full-fledged member of the Assembly upon being baptized at age 13. Soon after - as an earnest teenager, he would accept the call to Christian ministry and leadership; first as a Sunday school teacher and then a youth leader.


Despite his rigorous work and study schedule, Ray never abandoned his commitment to ministry and service. In 1957, he continued to work with Noel Aiken who initially ran the summer work camps. This time he supported Noel Aiken and other notable evangelists in a crusade at East Kingston’s Rennock Lodge. The meetings there were so successful that starting a new church there was unescapable and Carmel Gospel Chapel was born. Following the call and need for leadership, Ray joined Carmel Gospel Chapel as Sunday School Superintendent and later was named an Elder in the church. 



In 1960, while still at the University of West Indies, he was introduced to Teen Time Bible Camp and its Director, David Ho. Because of his athletic prowess, Ray was appointed Athletic Director of the camp where he supervised sporting and game activities. It was in this position that he developed his knowledge and understanding of camp direction and administration - skills that would prove to be valuable later in the future! In conjunction with the organization’s camp programs, Teen Time formed a male chorus and ladies quartets to accompany David on evangelism trips. Ray become a member of the male chorus. Here he would meet the love of his life, Doreen Harris who was a member of the ladies’ quartet. Bible Studies for campers were conducted at the home of Doreen’s parents and Ray was one of the instructors After vigorous pursuit, Doreen finally saw in him what Ray saw in her and said “yes.” (Doreen is known to playfully attest that “He knew what he was working with!”) They were soon married at Rehoboth Gospel Assembly. Their children Ruth-Ann Rita and Ray Andrew were born shortly after their nuptials.  


In the Fall of 1976, Ray along with committee members: Paul Hall, Michael Smith, Jennifer Sharpe, Rosalie Wood, Joy Chambers and Handel Fitz-Henley formed New Horizon Ministries, Inc. The goal of the ministry was to enhance the spiritual lives of young people, to encourage them to develop a closer relationship with the Lord and to build lasting friendships with other Christians. They would invite gifted speakers from around the world to facilitate and speak at annual retreats and camping events. The organization grew tremendously under Ray’s leadership for 40 years and is still ministering to and equipping young people to this day - a crowning achievement and testament to a true life of intentional service.


Elder Ray Wynter entered into the joy of the Lord on Sunday, May 27, 2018. 

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